Bullet Rogan.
José Mendez.
Cool Papa Bell.
Satchel Paige.
Jackie Robinson.
Buck O’Neil.

Each, among the best of their time. But beyond baseball. Each, a trailblazer. Each, a courageous pioneer. Each, part of a movement.

Since the Kansas City Monarchs were founded in 1920, we’ve come so far these 100 years. And yet, there are more trails to be blazed.

But over these 100 years, some things are still as true, and pure, as ever. A curve ball is still hard to hit. A tie goes to the runner…

And courage, heart, and grit still goes a long way.

A brand woven deep into the fabric and DNA of this community. A brand able to unite and inspire a new generation of baseball fans. A brand that hasn’t had a home field since 1965, but on Opening Day of 2021, will take the field for the first time in those pinstripes as the Kansas City Monarchs. Home, at Legends Field where we belong.

In partnership with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, we tip our caps, in reverence and honor of the past. And in anticipation of igniting the future.

#SeeYouAtTheBallpark, Go Monarchs!

Negro Leauges Baseball Museum
Kansas City Monarchs
American Association of Professional Baseball

Call us: 913-328-5618  |  Email us: info@monarchsbaseball.com

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