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“This event was great fun – and that’s saying something for someone who really isn’t into baseball.

The fun drinks, yummy food, really passionate staff, the hat, and tickets for another game??? Definitely above and beyond what I expected.

Learned something new, discovered a stadium that I never new was there, and had an amazing Thursday night out!”

“Going to a Monarchs game is great affordable family fun. There’s no bad seat in the stadium and ticket prices are affordable and parking is free!

What’s really cool about this park is the children’s play area. The Monarchs partnered with charity Variety KC to create a play area inclusive of all kids with and without disabilities…entire stadium is ADA accessible…and it pays homage to Negro Leagues players!”

“WOW! This stadium is a DREAM! Gorgeous grounds, tons of activities and events, and a rich history of baseball make this a wonderful place for a full day’s worth of fun! Did I mention the food? Because honestly they serve some of the best stadium food I have ever had here. No joke, the pizza here (Pyramid Pizza) is arguably the best I’ve had in all of KC.”

“Thank you to Yelp and the KC Monarchs for putting on this event for us. Food was very tasty and was nice to taste test the food at the stadium.  Was great to learn more about the organization and park. Had a good time enjoying the game and networking with others during the night. Looking forward to the next event!”

“The Monarchs stadium is full of history and striving to make it to the achieve its glory again!
The well designed different seat sections aim at different group of people and function. The friendly devices for disabilities is so considerate and a big plus for this stadium. Their food is great as well. The Mac n cheese, barbecue, pizza provided by their restaurants today were all delicious! I also enjoyed networking in the club room with air conditioning on.
It is my first time participating the Yelp event, the this is so beyond my expectations. It is so much fun!
I will definitely go back for more games or events!”




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